Young Adult

A Family Question

Imagine you could get true answers to any questions, past, present, or even future. What would you do? Troubled Jake Novak bravely takes that chance. But he soon learns he is already on a self-destructive path with unimaginable consequences for his family. Angelic figure Rolly Jones guides him through his questions and answers, from shocking revelations to redemption, all while playing a round of golf on a crisp October day.
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Mahalo My Bodyguard

Movie star Brandi Martin visits Maui for a peaceful weekend. Unfortunately, she is stalked by a pair of hateful paparazzi. She hires a bodyguard, Kyle Makua, so she can safely tour art galleries, go whale watching, and bicycle down from a volcano. It turns out to be not so safe. And one younger member of Kyle's support team, Eva Cevallos, is secretly in love with him. Beauty, brawn, danger, and of course, romance: Maui No Ka 'Oi.
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Bussing Tables, Cracking Jokes

Jin and Ramón take turns trying to make us laugh as they bus tables on a busy Friday night. Colligan's restaurant is full of characters, including eccentric waiters, a wise bartender, a monstrous dog, and a disgusting dishwasher. And nasty customers are humored as all the busy bussers vie to win the combined ante in the toady pot.
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Self Help

Workplace Writing 101 - Clear Tech

Technical work can be complex. Technical writing does not have to be. Clarity is achievable with a little effort.
42 Lessons, 370 Exercises
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Workplace Writing 101 - Advanced Skills

Every writing technique has proper rules as well as preferred nuances. This ebook is about the latter.
42 Lessons, 300 Exercises
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Workplace Writing 101 - Essential Skills

How to write English in the workplace: punctuation, usage, grammar, clarity, style, influence, and email.
42 Lessons, 260 Exercises
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Workplace Writing 101 - Grammar Review

A thorough review, from proper use of parts of speech to special topics important to writing correctly at work.
42 Lessons, 360 Exercises
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Workplace Writing 101 - Basic Usage

Learn how words are naturally used, from articles and prepositions to expressions and slang.
42 Lessons, 300 Exercises
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Zorro's Catch

(Maitland Holidays, Part 1)
Accountant Melinda Brannon cannot lose control, not again. But on a bet to benefit her favorite charity, she attends a wild Halloween party where a gorgeous Zorro ogles her skimpy costume. And she has no idea that powerful Silicon Valley entrepreneur Geoffrey Maitland remembers her from another Halloween party, six years ago.
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Santa's Match

(Maitland Holidays, Part 2)
Pediatric nurse Ginger Morgan has had it with arrogant doctors. But she can't help making a deal with dashing heart surgeon Allister Maitland. Neither wants a relationship, even though they enjoy being friends with sizzling benefits. But things get complicated when their power dynamic flips: Christmas heat in uptown Manhattan.
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